The Pyre Aflame (Pyre Aflame Orange Variant)


Abyssal Frost' sophomore album, The Pyre Aflame, on Pyre Aflame Orange vinyl.

First pressing limited to 125 units worldwide.

Produced by Kenan Kerr with Abyssal Frost
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Jamie King.

Sheldon Smith - Vocals
Kenan Kerr - Rhythm Guitar
Steven Funderburk - Lead Guitar
Aaron Monger - Bass
Scott Shelton - Drums

Music written by Abyssal Frost
Lyrics written by Kenan Kerr

Side One
1. Candescence
2. The Pyre Aflame
3. Diseased Machines (The Pyre Aflame Pt. II)
4. Awakening (The Pyre Aflame Pt. III)
5. Through Body and Bone
6. Hypothermic Amputation

Side Two
7. Interment
8. Refuge in a Tomb
9. Magnetic Flux
10. Coronal Mass Ejection