Through the Eyes of the Dead 
Death Metal quintet established in 2003.

The Scars of Ages (EP via Lovelost Records) - 2004
The Annihilation of Expectation (Split via Lovelost Records) - 2005
Bloodlust (LP via Prosthetic Records) - 2005
Malice (LP via Prosthetic Records) - 2007
Skepsis (LP via Prosthetic Records) - 2010
Disomus (LP via eOne Entertainment) - 2017
The Scars of Annihilation (Reissue LP via Beyond the Top Records/Skepsis Recordings) - 2023

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Blighted Eye
Blackened Death Metal from Seattle, Washington.

Wretched (EP Self Relesased) - 2020
Agony's Bespoke (LP/CD via Beyond the Top Records) - September 13th, 2024

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Abyssal Frost
Blackened Metal quintet established in 2018.

Antarsia (EP via Self released) - 2020
Hypothermic Amputation (Single) - 2023
Refuge in a Tomb (Single) - 2023
The Pyre Aflame (LP via Beyond the Top Records) - 1/12/2024

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Atmospheric Metal Entity established in 2020.

New album coming 2024.
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