Abyssal Frost - "Hypothermic Amputation" 
Studio single engineered, mixed and mastered by Jamie King
Art by Jota Cravo
Video edit by Jay Thulberry

Abyssal Frost -
"Hypothermic Amputation"
Live at Snug Harbor in Charlotte, North Carolina
Video & audio by Loudpseaker Productions

Abyssal Frost - "
The Pyre Aflame" Full Album stream
Produced by Kenan Kerr with Abyssal Frost
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jamie King
Art by Jota Cravo

Through The Eyes of the Dead
- "Intro / Abyssal Creation / Failure in the Flesh / To the Ruins"
Live at the Rev Room in Little Rock, Arkansas on the 20 Years of the Dead Tour
Audio by Marshall Wieczorek / Loudspeaker Productions 

Through the Eyes of the Dead - "Hate the Living" music video
Production by My Good Eye Visuals