Blighted Eye - Agony's Bespoke | Digipak CD


Blighted Eye's new album "Agony's Bespoke" pressed on limited edition Digipak CD's with classic mirror style discs with all black print.

Kyle Chapman - Vocals | Guitar
Christopher Jones - Guitar
Ben Gassman - Bass
John Devos - Drums

Track listing -
1. Tragoedia
2. The Wounding
3. In Enmity
4. Howls From Beyond the Mist
5. A Feast for Worms
6. Pallid
7. Nightingale
8. A Reverent Stillness
9. Agony’s Bespoke

Album art by Caelan Stokkerman
Mixed and Mastered by Alex Sedin

(CD's will begin shipping on or around 9/20/2024)