Abyssal Frost - Antarsia CD

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The debut album from Abyssal Frost, "Antarsia", on limited edition CD's.

Album art by Rodney Raines
Recorded at Seven Doors Audio
Music by Abyssal Frost
Lyrics by John C Stone

Vocals - Sheldon Smith
Guitar & Bass - Kenan Kerr
Drums - Scott Shelton

Guest solos on The Orphan and the Cronos by Steven Funderburk

Guest solo on The Cannibal by Heinrich Yoshio

Track listing -
1.The Abyss 00:47
2.The Orphan 03:14
3.The Cronos 03:17
4.The Surgeon 03:17
5.The Mutiny 05:21
6.The Cannibal 08:35